Life Cycle Celebrant

As a certified Life Cycle Celebrant, I am trained in the fundamentals of celebrancy. This addresses the need for celebration and acknowledgement of the many rites of passage in life. There are so many things that used to be celebrated that are no longer even recognized in this society as precious and significant occasions. Graduation, coming of age, personal growth shifts, these kinds of things are important and deserving of celebration.

Life happens to us, and we make life happen. Some things need to be grieved and released, others to be celebrated. Together we will talk and write about your life and the instance of healing or celebrating, or both, and design what speaks to your heart.

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 New Research: Rituals Make Us Value Things More

Heidi Grant Halvorson   Harvard Business Review

“Rituals can be used for many purposes — connecting with others, healing, enhancing creativity, ushering in a new life chapter, and even simply acknowledging daily routines. They can take seconds or hours. They can be simple or complex, traditional or created in the moment to meet a specific need. They can be performed alone, with one or two other people, or with a large group.”
The Joy of Ritual: Spiritual Recipes to Celebrate Milestones, Ease Transitions, and Make Every Day Sacred  Barbara Biziou