Baby Blessings

I had the pleasure of Blessing this lovely little girl, Celena. She and I connected and bonded during the ceremony!

And now a year later, I got to do it again for her birthday!

A few weeks after our daughter, Celena was born we had Reverend Jessie visit our home for a beautiful baby blessing. It was such a special time in our lives and we are so happy we had the baby blessing done by Reverend Jessie. She is such a compassionate person that is sincere in everything she does. Not only did we feel a sense of connection to the words spoken by Reverend Jessie but also so did our little Celena.blessing-celena-2

For Celena’s 1st Birthday we decided to reach out to Reverend Jessie to tell her about an idea to have a Naming Ceremony for Celena’s guide parents. Throughout the planning stage we felt at ease knowing she was going to be a part of Celena’s special day. At the ceremony Reverend Jessie arrived early, with a smile on her face and spoke such beautiful words during the ceremony. She made the day a deep and meaningful one for our little Celena and we are so happy we can look back at the video and photos and know she was part of it.

We look forward to having her at our life celebrations and highly recommend her to anyone that would like to add a special feeling to life events.

CJ & Tina